How Peace of Mind Insurance was born...

After 37 years of sales and marketing experience in 5 different industries, being a top producer and selling over $150 million of products...I decided I wanted to return to my original career in insurance to help people live a more stress free, happy and healthy life. 


With my years of experience, I can now do this with a process that helps people come up with a financial retirement plan that matches their expenses with their income. I have found that with this plan, they get a tremendous peace of mind from knowing how much money they need for retirement. 


And with the annuities and life insurance products I now offer, I can help them protect their retirement and legacy so they will have the safety and security of knowing they will not outlive their money and do not have to worry about losing money in the market any more. 


For me, the freedom of living my life on purpose and under my own terms is one of those non-negotiable priorities I have decided upon. Now I can help people get the peace of mind to live their life on purpose and on their own terms. 


Once I had this realization of a higher purpose, I started searching for a way to make a larger, more meaningful impact. One day, my son told me of this new job he had selling life insurance to seniors and a vision for a new life came into focus.


Suddenly I had this vision of how I could provide the peace of mind so many of my friends were searching for by insuring their retirement funds with annuities so we would never run out of money and not have to worry about the market tanking again. 


Now I combine a bunch of things I love to do, all in one company called Peace of Mind Insurance. 


It is truly the lifestyle we have envisioned for decades. Now Shari, and I have a fulfilling and rewarding business, working from a horse farm in North Carolina, helping people live a more stress free life.


It continues to be an incredible journey and I hope you come along with us as we love sharing it with you!