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Are you ready to start thinking about  GROWING in a whole new way ?


Marketing has changed. ​​Selling has Changed. Buying has Changed.

But have You Changed?


In today's Online world, change is constant. 

The good news is that the world has changed in your favor!

Marketing has Changed.

As more and more marketing content is generated, activities that have worked in the past are no longer reaching the intended audiences and converting into sales leads.


Product pitches are no longer effective as people are attracted in the early stages of the purchase path more to insights and inspiration about solving their problem.


As they go down the purchase path, buyers are connecting to the sellers that are giving them the relevant information that helps them get a better understanding of their problem and are forming relationships that lead to sales.


The marketing challenge is now about delivering insights that capture the attention of the buyers early in the purchase path and holding that conversation with valuable information that connects with the buyer all the way to close.

Selling has Changed.

The strategies and tactics that have worked in the past are leading to diminishing results with shrinking margins and the commoditization of solutions.


Many buyers would prefer not to deal with sales, but once Sales do get involved, the decision factors have been determined and the preferences for products have been formed.


The sales process is being reduced to a price competition as most of the non-price considerations have been researched and decided on based on information found online.


The sales challenge is to find insight that gets the buyer to think about their problem in a way they have not thought of before, and that leads the buyer to their unique benefit.


Buying has Changed.

The Internet and the Cell phone have exploded the path to purchase for almost all products and services.


Buyers now have access to an overwhelming amount of conflicting information about every product and service, anytime from anywhere.


Buyers are looking for insight about their problem and learning about unique ways so solve it 


The buying process for most companies involves the decision maker that needs a widespread agreement on a solution with the end users and influencers before a decision is made. 


The buyers challenge has become sifting through all the conflicting and competing information to determine who they resonate with and which solution is best for their specific needs.

Have You Changed?


If you cannot be everything to everyone, it is most important to identify who you are, what is your message and who you are targeting.


Everyone has a unique talent, ability or specialization. The key is finding out what it is and then communicating your unique benefit in a way that brings the buyer back to your solution


The book, The Challenger Customer states that only 13% can pass the test that their unique benefit was really unique and a benefit.


The flipside to that statistic is that if you can truly communicate your difference to your buyers, the market is wide open and there is a rich gold mine available to you.


Your buyers are looking for someone that will lead them through all the conflicting clutter of information to a solution with insightful, relevant information.


Your challenge is to define your UNIQUE Benefit and communicate it in an insightful way that helps your buyer think about your solution in a way they have not thought of before.


Are you communicating that message to your buyers?


My Solution

If you are ready to think of growing your business in a whole new way, I can help you.


If you are ready for a faster, proven system that can help you create your marketing insights and messaging, I can help.


I have done it for myself in 5 different industries and generated over $150 million is direct sales. I have helped hundreds of people from startup Holistic Practitioners to Xerox.




"How to Create your

Marketing Insights & Messaging"

8 Step Online Video Course


What's included?

Learn how you can create your marketing insights and messaging so you will connect with your buyers  in a way that will establish you as an authority and build rapport.


This new  8 week online course guides you on a step by step, easy to follow journey to create marketing insights and messaging  that will connect you with your prospects and clients like never before. 


This is the same roadmap I guide my private consulting clients down that pay $25,000 and up. Now you can take this course online and watch it as many times as you want for up to a year. This has literally transformed businesses and it will for you too.




So here is the outline of what's included


Step 1 is the assessment and uncovering your "Why". You can't know where you are going if you do not know where you are starting. 


Step 2 is understanding your client's core pain, issues or challenges that you are to solve. Without this, you are going nowhere.


Step 3 is understanding your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the market. You are introduced to 3 free tools and a process that will open up your view of the market from your clients perspective. This will help you create your unique benefit statements and give you a deep understanding of your position in the market.


Step 4 is where we find your voice to tell your authentic story. Here you will be shown powerful story lines and ways you can tell your story and use the intelligence you picked up in the first three steps. 


Step 5 is where you will learn the secret to using the mental triggers that are the breadcrumbs that will lead your prospects down the path to becoming your client. 


Step 6 teaches you the 3 stages of buyers intentions and where each of your benefit statements fit in the buyers path to becoming your client. Here you learn to deliver the right messaging to the right people at the right time.


Step 7 is when you bring it all together and use our proven format for creating a series of emails for the 3 stages.


Step 8 is the final step and here we discuss your vision for leading your tribe of clients and prospects in a conversation that reflects your passion, authentic voice and true purpose that you developed during the course. 


You have two options for how you take the course. Both options have unlimited access to the training modules and resources in the Drugless Practitioner Resources portal and ongoing support from the DPA Help Desk and DPA Community


Option 1 -Online Course:

Each week you will get online access to a new module that will have a step by step, easy to learn format that will get you the results you have imagined!


As you go through each step, you will be amazed at the transformation you will go through as you discover a part of you that has been waiting to be brought forward. 


Option 2 -Private Coach:

If you are looking for a personal coach to guide you through the course, upgrade to the Private Coaching and receive 8 private 1 hour Zoom Meetings directly with John Golitz


The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.


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