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How to Grow your Practice

with Digital Marketing   


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How do I help you Grow?

Learn to use Facebook Ads and my proven Email Marketing System to build a list of clients and prospects

that will be your Foundation to Growth,

even if you are tech challenged!

In this 8 week, online course, you will learn an easy to follow, step by step process that uncovers the secrets of Digital Marketing so you can Grow to the level you have always imagined...

Discover your Marketing Message...

Learn how to craft a marketing message that tells what you do best and how you uniquely solve your clients pain. 


Create Facebook Ads that Tell your Authentic Story...

Unlock the secret to attracting clients with Facebook with my easy to follow system that takes the mystery out of Facebook advertising and produces a consistent flow of leads. 


Build a List of Clients and use Email to stay Connected...

Learn how to use this proven Email format to grow your business while staying connected to your prospects and clients. You will learn how to:

- Establish yourself as an authority

- Develop trust and build rapport

 -Build a tribe of passionate followers that convert to Happy Clients!


This 8 week Online Course is fun and easy...

Everyone finds that the course format brings out your best and is a safe place to ask questions in a fun and exciting online classroom.


Learn the skills and messaging that will be your foundation to grow...

Even the most marketing challenged receive a solid foundation that is needed to be successful in today's online world.

Build your Foundation to Grow...Even if you are tech challenged!

  • Discover your Marketing Message that attracts your ideal Clients
  • Create Facebook Ads that produce consistent flow of Happy Clients
  • Learn to connect with your list with Emails that are more like a conversation with a trusted advisor than a high pressure sales pitch

Instant Access to the Free Webinar:

"Introduction to Online Marketing"

Do you want to attract more clients and market your practice online but feel too challenged when it comes to technology? 


Do you want to have a client and prospect list and use Email Marketing but have no idea how?

If so, this webinar is for you!


In this webinar, you will learn the 5 steps to build a solid foundation for your online marketing,


Plus the 7 most common mistakes practitioners make that may be actually sending your best clients away.


You do not want to miss this 45 minutes of pure instruction!


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Register Now for Instant Access to the free interactive webinar

and self-assessment:

Introduction to Online Marketing



FREE Webinar

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Do you have a Client and Prospect List?

If the answer is no,

you are missing out on the surest way to grow your business...


In today's online world,

there has never been a faster, easier and more cost effective way to

build your business than email marketing.


And now, Gmail makes it even better!


Gmail Marketing Video Series

Learn how to create your list of prospects and clients so you can stay connected and grow your business like never before!

Gmail Marketing Video Series

11 step 0nline Course and 1 year support

Enroll now for the all new 11 step video course.

The course is easy to follow and the videos take you one step at a time

- even if you are tech challenged!




Here's what you will learn

How to create your Contact List with your Prospects and Clients,

and email them from Gmail


How to collect your contacts into a centralized list

you can access from any device, anytime, anywhere.


How to send a personalized mass email to your contacts from Gmail


How to send an automated email sequence from Gmail


How to set up an automated email response from your

website and Facebook Business page

  2. This course delivers results in an easy to learn, step by step process,
  3. even if you are tech challenged!  


Technology Challenged?

Done for You Service

in  just 2 weeks you are ready to go

If you would like us to do the complete 11 step set up

for you, we can do that!

In the Done for you Service, we take care of all the technical aspects of setting up the

Gmail Marketing Automation System that includes:

  • Opening a Google Account
  • Setting up your Gmail with the
  • Setting up Gmass mail merge add on
  • Setting up the Zap integrations,
  • Automating the Lead Capture System
  • Automatic Email Response to Lead inquiries from your website and Facebook Business Page


Take the hassle out of marketing for just $995

in just 2 weeks, you will be up and ready for business,

so you can concentrate on what you do best

CUSTOMER Conversation & Insights

Are you ready to think about  GROWING 

in a whole new way ?



Did you know that most practitioners market themselves by listing their credentials and describing what their modality does?


Most buyers are interested in getting insight and learning more about how to solve their pain. They are looking for real people they connect with

and that can answer their questions.


The practitioners are focused on them and what they do,

and this leads the buyer to perceive them as

all doing pretty much the same thing.


A recent survey of a popular Practitioner Listing website, revealed that a majority of practitioners only described their credentials; MS, PT, LMT, CST… and what modality they performed; “CranioSacral Therapy Techniques Certified by The Upledger Institute”…


The problem is that most buyers don’t have a clue what that means, and it tells them nothing about how the practitioner is going to help them.


So, the buyer does not perceive the practitioner to be unique in any way

or a benefit to them.


A Google survey showed that 69% of buyers are looking for insight into how to solve their pain early in the purchase path and they make favorable buying decisions based on the seller that provides them relevant and timely information,

regardless of who they have used in the past.


So if most buyers are looking for insights and relevant information about solving their pain, and the majority of practitioners are talking about themselves and their credentials, do you see how there is a huge unsatisfied demand

and tremendous opportunity?


If you can provide insights and teach relevant information about how to solve your clients pain that leads back to your unique benefit, you will discover a whole new way to grow your business that will generate a steady flow of high paying clients.


If you want to learn what your unique benefit is and how to develop a conversation with your buyers that is more like a conversation with a trusted advisor,

than a high-pressure sales pitch, my course is just for you.


Do you want to create your Marketing Message that will attract

more high paying clients,

(without being high pressure and salesy)?


If so, this game changing online course

guides you through a proven process

so you will learn:

The 7 steps to define your Unique Benefits,

Discover your Authentic Voice 

Develop the Insights and information to share with your clients 

that is the key to Growing your business to the level you have imagined!


Are you looking for a more Private Service?

Private Consulting Services

One on one meetings with John Golitz

John Golitz Consulting offers you custom services, private marketing courses or done for you marketing campaigns. If you do not see a package that fits your needs, schedule a free consultation

and we can talk.

Hi, I am John Golitz

After 37 years of sales and marketing experience in 5 different industries, being a top producer and selling over $150 million of products...

I decided I wanted to share my passion and unique experience helping people start and grow their own business....Now I am helping you grow your practice and live a life of adventure...

If I can do it, so can you!

PEMF Certification for Horses, People and Pets

New 8 Week online Live Format Webinar Course?

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This exciting, live webinar format lets you participate like a regular classroom in the comfort of your own home.

Can't make the live class? No Problem.

Watch the recorded replay anytime, as many times as you want, for up to 1 year

This is a course that delivers results and is in an easy to learn, step by step process that even the

most tech challenged person will enjoy!


Learn the Secrets of Becoming a Master PEMF Practitioner

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