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How to Grow your Practice

with Digital Marketing   


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How do I help you Grow?

Learn to use Facebook Ads and my proven Email Marketing System to build a list of clients and prospects

that will be your Foundation to Growth,

even if you are tech challenged!

In this 8 week, online course, you will learn an easy to follow, step by step process that uncovers the secrets of Digital Marketing so you can Grow to the level you have always imagined...

Discover your Marketing Message...

Learn how to craft a marketing message that tells what you do best and how you uniquely solve your clients pain. 


Create Facebook Ads that Tell your Authentic Story...

Unlock the secret to attracting clients with Facebook with my easy to follow system that takes the mystery out of Facebook advertising and produces a consistent flow of leads. 


Build a List of Clients and use Email to stay Connected...

Learn how to use this proven Email format to grow your business while staying connected to your prospects and clients. You will learn how to:

- Establish yourself as an authority

- Develop trust and build rapport

 -Build a tribe of passionate followers that convert to Happy Clients!


This 8 week Online Course is fun and easy...

Everyone finds that the course format brings out your best and is a safe place to ask questions in a fun and exciting online classroom.


Learn the skills and messaging that will be your foundation to grow...

Even the most marketing challenged receive a solid foundation that is needed to be successful in today's online world.

Build your Foundation to Grow...Even if you are tech challenged!

  • Discover your Marketing Message that attracts your ideal Clients
  • Create Facebook Ads that produce consistent flow of Happy Clients
  • Learn to connect with your list with Emails that are more like a conversation with a trusted advisor than a high pressure sales pitch

Your Instructor

Hi, I am John Golitz

After 37 years of sales and marketing experience in 5 different industries, being a top producer and selling over $150 million of products...


I decided I wanted to share my passion and unique experience helping people start and grow their own business....


Now I am helping you grow your practice and live a life of adventure...


If I can do it, so can you!

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What are others saying?

Laura Mungioli

They took me under their wing

My PEMF business wouldn't exist without the Golitz family. They took me under their wing and showed me what to do. Between John and Sam having amazing skills and intuition when working on horses, and Shari with her marketing and social media magic- their advice will help new practitioners to develop their business and experienced practitioners to grow and have more tools to take their business to the next level.♥️

Craig Rajoy

Instrumental in our business' success.

I learned so much from my time with the Golitz family. They treated me like family while I was out taking the training courses from them.


John demonstrated so many valuable techniques and talked to us about what to expect when we get out there on our own.


The training, information, and support we got from the Golitz family was very instrumental in our business' success.




Jordin Bell

The best in their field

The entire Golitz family has been welcoming and amazing from the first phone call! They are the best in their field as well as just good people.


The training program they have developed is second to none and I would highly recommend it!


If you're looking for quality training and support this is it!

Paula Fitzpatrick

So far beyond my wildest expectations. 

The Jump Start in Thermal, CA was the most amazing training/education workshop that I have ever attended.


So far beyond my wildest expectations


Thank you sincerely to John & Shari and all my new ‘peeps’.

What a difference this is making for me personally & professionally.



Renee Birchell

Truly care about YOUR Success!!!


John and Shari make everyone feel like family . You will never get the support you get with these guys . They are so much more .


They want EVERYONE to succeed ! They are Masters of PEMF and can give you a plan that works !!


They have unequivocally launched my business and business model , hands above all others !


I will ALWAYS put my trust in them !!


John and Shari TRULY care about YOUR success !!


Andi Davison

 Helping me to develop a profitable business.

Shari, John and Sam were all wonderful in helping me develop my PEMF business.


Their knowledge, passion and desire to make a difference are so evident. From the moment I met them, I was treated like family and it felt as though we had known each other for ages even though we had just met.


I know I can always reach out to them for support and guidance and for that I am truly grateful.


Thank-you so much for helping me to develop a profitable business.

What is Included?


Enrollment now open 


Here's What You'll Get!


"How to Grow your Practice"Course with John Golitz is an easy and fun to learn online learning experience that meets online in a live, webinar format


The course includes three modules that include

Facebook Ads, Email Marketing and Creating your Marketing Message  



That is Ok if you have no idea what these means because we will show you everything you need to have a marketing system that rocks!


Here's what's included in the 3 modules

Plus the Resources, Community, Support

and 3 Bonus Video Series!


Module 1:

Email Marketing with Free Google Apps


  • Create your Client and Prospect list using Free Google apps.
  • Collect all your contacts into one easy to use list you can access from your computer or your phone.
  • Learn how to use email all your prospects at one time with a personalized email.
  • How to send an Automated series of emails from Gmail

DPA Resources

If you cannot make the Live Course, you can access course replays and bonus videos, articles and helpful information on the DPA Portal available anytime, anywhere as many times as you want for 1 year 


Module 2: 

Facebook Paid Ads


  • How to create your Facebook Business Page
  • How to  generate Likes 
  • How to Create a Facebook Ad in less than 15 minutes
  • How to create a Facebook Audience
  • How to Boost a post and generate engagement
  • How to customize the Facebook Info button
  • How to use Facebook iPhone app

DPA Community 

The DAP Community message board is available anytime so you stay connected to your fellow students and teachers. Be a part of a fun an exciting community of passionate practitioners to share the journey.


Module 3: 

Marketing Message


  • Learn how to craft a marketing message that tells what you do best and how you uniquely solve your clients pain.
  • Discover your authentic voice as you learn from a proven framework to develop what we call your "client conversation".
  • Tell your unique story without being all salesy and high pressure.

DPA Help Desk

Have a question or stuck on something you cannot figure out?

No problem! Ask the DAP Help Desk and get real answers. Get unlimited access to Frequently Asked Questions and business hours email support.

  • Tryon North Carolina, USA

  • Hello@JohnGolitzMarketing.Guru

  • (888) 270 1452


John Golitz has met all the professional and educational requirements of the Board of Accreditation & Certification, of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

and is recognized as a Higher Educational Institute with all the applicable right, privileges and responsibilities. 


We are passionate about your success and are with you every step. 


Please let us know how we can help support you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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